Odor Removal Service – What You Need to Know

Foul odors lingering around our homes should not be taken lightly because of a great deal of health risks they can pose to our health. These odors can stem from a variety of sources such as water damage (especially category 3 water damage), biological matter, and fire damage. Anytime you suspect foul odor in your home, you should seek the best odor removal service St George.

Amongst the many causes of foul odor, the odor caused by fire and smoke seems to be the most silent which poses the greatest risk. This is because smoke contains carbon monoxide which can hamper the transfer of oxygen within the body cells. Additionally, smoke particles could get attached to clothes and other items and can linger for a long time. This makes you even more exposed to the foul smell even when it seems the odor is no more.

What Does Professional Odor Removal Entail?

The process of odor removal is a relatively tasking one. It requires expertise and good attention to detail. A meticulous approach towards determining the cause of the odor is made. The professionals understand that tracing the source of the odor will mean a great deal to the subsequent cleanup process and so they take this as a major step in the odor cleanup process.

The following explains some of the components of a professional odor removal process.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filtration

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) is a special air filtration technique that helps to get rid of moisture to even the tiniest particle. Since moisture is a common source of foul odor, HEPA helps to effectively remove lingering odors from the home. HEPA is usually used for odors caused by sewage backup and molds.

Hydroxyl Generator Technology

Another effective technique of odor removal is with a hydroxyl generator technology. The hydroxyl generator technology works by generating hydroxyl molecules through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen atoms. These hydroxyl particles are capable of mopping out the odoriferous particles.

Thermal Fogging

Thermal fogging involves using tiny thermal particles called fog to eliminate the particles of the foul odor. Thermal fogging is mainly used for foul odors caused by fire and smoke damages.


Ozone is an isomer of oxygen. It comprises 3 oxygen molecules and is highly reactive. Ozone helps in the removal of foul odors by reacting with the odor particles and changing the chemical configuration of these particles, thus eliminating them. Apart from odor particles, ozone helps in eliminating bacteria, molds, and other microorganisms from the home.

Not all odor can be handled without odor removal service St. George. If you truly want to give your home that new lease of quality air and get rid of the bad odor completely, contacting experts who specialize in odor removal service is the best thing to do. You will return to a home with a nice fragrance once they are done with the cleanup process. Find a professional in St. George for your odor removal today.

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