Mold Remediation: Can You Do It Yourself?

Molds around our homes can be harmful to health. And if you’ve noticed any mold within or around your home, then it is important you get rid of them. One way to do this is to get a mold remediation service. However, you could consider doing this yourself. But before you do it yourself, you should consider some factors. One important factor should be that the area where the mold is noticed should not be more than 10 square feet. If not, you should get the best mold remediation services Providence RI.

Generally, when you have any of the following factors, you should go for a mold remediation service provider in Providence.

  • If the mold area is more than 10 square feet and has considerable water damage. When there has been considerable water loss, it is preferable to get a mold remediation service that focuses on commercial buildings.

  • If the fans, heater, or cooling system seems to be affected, contact experts who specialize in mold remediation services Providence RI. Also, if you suspect the heater or cooling systems have been affected, stop use immediately to prevent a further spread.

  • If you already have symptoms of overexposure to molds, such as itchy eyes and some respiratory problems, or you have any other health concerns, you should hire a mold remediation service.

  • If the mold was caused by a sewage leakage problem, plumbing leaks, or any other fluid disposal issue.

Steps to Doing a Mold Remediation at Home

If you’ve checked thoroughly and none of the factors apply, you can do the mold remediation yourself. The following steps show how you can do mold remediation at home.

  • Use an antiseptic to scrub off mold from hard surfaces and then wipe with a clean towel. If you consider painting the surface, you should first clean the surface meticulously. If you paint directly on the molded surface, the surface is likely to peel.

  • Since porous materials cannot be clean adequately to get rid of molds, it might be necessary to throw such porous materials away. Such porous materials include beds, rugs, carpets, amongst others. Mold can find their way into the pores of these materials, making it difficult to clean.

  • You should wear personal protective equipment. Be sure to put on a face shield, wear gloves, and use boots while doing the cleanup. Keep all occupants of the building away from the cleaning area.

These steps will guide you to do mold remediation at home. However, if you’re not certain how to go about the cleanup, it is recommended that you hire experts in mold remediation services Providence RI. No matter what property is affected, these professionals have exactly what it takes to rid your home of mold. You’ll be in a safer hand with these experts. Be sure to choose an expert with many years of experience in the mold remediation field. Only then can you have peace of mind that your property is in safe hands.

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