Little Giant Ladder Common Uses

Little Giant Ladder Common Uses

A survey of the little giant ladders shows that 18 in every 1000 households undertake a major home improvement project each year. The survey also found out that 46% suffers injuries by failing from ladders. Infact most of forget that ladders are an essential equipment for every household and a good quality ladder will ensure safety to its user. The little giant ladder is the right choice for all homeowners and other professionals. In this case, it is worthy paying a little more for a much better quality. Following are the main uses for the little giant ladders.

Little Giant ladders are of great help whether it’s a simple quick-fix or a major undertaking; furthermore it is trustworthy and safe.

Government rated Little Giant Ladders can hold up to 380 pounds but have survived stress testing of up to 1100 pounds with no structural failure at all. Thus it is strong and sturdy and ready to assist you in your home improvement work challenges.

Uneven Surface

The little giant ladder system is configured with 24 different ladder systems – all in one unique design. It has a firm grip and can stand on any uneven or rough surfaces giving full protection to the user. The little giant ladder company also provides you with the accessory called little giant leg leveler to provide improved balance during working.

Working Freely

The giant little ladder can be squeezed in through any corner of your house. It is easy to carry and doesn’t require a lot of space. Little Giant has a movable work platform that can hold up to an incredible 300 pounds. This platform further provides you with the space for tools and drinks!

Be it home or office, road or pavement, the little giant ladder has proved to be the best.

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